Wanted Scotts Mount and Tower XR650R

I am looking to buy a scotts mount for a 2000 BRP. I would like to get the Top clamp that would fit pro taper style bars. I also need the tower. Thanks in advance. Mike

Check Ebay for links like this and you might find what you're looking for at a good price. If the seller doesn't have exactly what you're looking for, it might be worth copntacting them to see if they will soon be listing what you're looking for.


Make sure what you're looking at is 'exactly' what you want before you buy, especially if you plan to add a damper later on or want your bars moved up higher or farther forward, etc. I've also heard GPR sells a Pro Taper mount that's less expensive than the Scotts and it will also fit the Scotts damper as well, but verify this with someone who knows for certain because I got this as third hand info.

I also believe that BRP in Laguna Hills CA makes the Scotts mounts for Scotts, so that may yet be another alternative to check out www.brpit.com

Don't forget the TT store here because they will beat any legit price subject to the rules they list :)

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