Not hooking up

Ok, try to explain my situation. My 09 yzf450 is awesome, dont get me wrong. But i rode my buddies 07 450 which has like 2 hours on it and it seemed like when i pinned it real quick everything was tighter and it seemed like the rear tire hooked up much better, even bringing the front tire up in the air with much less effort than my 09. Rear tire tread is very close. I plan on measuring my friction plates to see if the obvious is the problem. But thought I would ask around to see if it could be something else. Both bikes are stock. My valves are on the bare tight side but are in spec. It just seems when I cranked the throttle on his bike the power went right to the tire and mine seems almost like a small lag/hesitation but once it kind of caught up (not even a second) then it screams.

pipe that 09,woke mine up!That shorty pipe is only for looks!

Yes, pipe and an 06 CDI!

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