YZF 450 Stiff Gearbox & Clutch Drag Help!

Hope someone can help?....

I recently bought a 2006 450 although it was running I couldnt ride it as there where parts missing. Replaced the missing parts and took it out only to find it was loosing water into the grearbox, clutch has loads of drag and is very stiff changing gear although they are all there and don't slip.

So I've given it a quick top end rebuild, new rings and gaskets etc so thats fixed the water leaking and presurising but the clutch is still dragging and the gears are still stiff. I was thinking it might of been because there's been a lot of water in the gearbox? Also the clutch basket looks fine.

Any idea's?

I was going to put a few hrs on it see if it gets any better?


First, be advised that any coolant that went in the trans went in the engine; it's all one oil supply.

The first thing I would do would be to replace the friction plates in the clutch (don't use a cheap aftermarket plate set; you won't like it). Coolant is tough on a lot of things, and one of those is the clutch.

If there was water/coolant in the engine for a while, theres a good chance bearings pitted from a little rust. The ones you will notice the most are the 2 supporting the shift drum. The rest of the bearings in the motor spin at such a high speed they wont be noticed unless they seize.

Thanks guys! I'll be on it all next weekend so will see if anything changes.

Could it be a bent fork or shift drum?

Also, what oil do you guys run?

I've put 10W40 semi synthetic in it and dont have any probs with my 2004 YZF or my sons YZ85.

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