rear wheel spacer worn out?

went out and checked the play in my rear wheel side to side only to find out my wheel moves about 1/16 of an inch side to side. Its an 05 and has many many hours on it. Do you guys think the wheel spacers could have slightly been crushed over the years. Before you ask, the rear wheel bearings have been replaced already about 2 years ago and they look fine.

I might just be safe and get new axle blocks and new wheel spacers.

It's the bearings, the only area of the spacer that wears is where the seal rides. If the spacer is grooved from the seal then replace them and the bearings.

My axle blocks are definitely crushed so those are definitely going to be replaced. Have any of you replaced the castle nut on these bikes with a locknut?

I am thinking more new bearings.

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