Is my clutch out??

Just picked up a 99 kx250 and fixed up everything I found wrong with it. Test rode it at the house and the clutch seemed a little grabby but otherwise fine.

Went up to stonyford this weekend and the first run was up crackerbox only got half way when the bike wanted to bog a bit so I was going to feather the clutch and rev her stalls out.

Took a lot of effort to start it and when I pulled the clutch in and clicked it in gear the clutch grabbed and it stalled out again.

So I tried to adjust it out but im at the limitation of my adjustments at the engine and the perch.

Needless to say my riding distance was one mile up hill and coasting down hill.

So does anybody know the service thickness limit on the fiber plates? And is this an example of when a clutch goes out? I have never had a bike long enough to wear the clutch out.


Sounds like that clutch cable is badly stretched, or too long to start with.

Internal reasons for a grabbing clutch are mostly warped plates and/or a notched basket. I'd recommend taking the cover off and having a look.

I have taken everything out and the steel plates look brand new along with the inner hub, basket and pressure plate. the only thing is the friction plates look as if there is barley any thing left on them like the cork is really thin.

The cable is brand new as well. Does anyone have a service limit measurement that can be done on the friction plates?


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