Mattawa Saddle Mountain BLM meeting


Hopefully they'll build us a big loop...hook up Mattawa, Beverly, the steel horses and Royal City

Yeah,that will happen Brett :thumbsup:


What is the BLM doing regulating DNR land? I realize that Saddle Mtn. is BLM land but they also will be discussing Colockum which is DNR. I hate to say this but lately when ever such things have been discussed it has turned out badly for us.

WDFW manages the BLM clockum through Memorandum of Understanding. ~ 11k acres BLM, 35k DNR, 46k WDFW. The state is the biggest stakeholder.

There is a process to give input via mail preferably after each meeting has taken place. "I was unable to attend, blah blah blah", just don't say anything inappropriate a June Beetles.....

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