Strange tapping noise from clutch ?

Yesterday, while at our local track, a friend discivered a tapping noise coming from the area of the clutch basket on his 2009 RMZ450. Stopped using the bike right away and we had a look at it last night. Drained the oil and coolant and noticed that the oil was very black (only second ride on same) but had no signs of metal filings in same, checked the water pump impeller and that appears fine. Next removed the Boyesen cluctch cover and noticed where the outer clutch basket was rubbing on the lower part of the cover. Also noticed a small mark (fresh)on the outer side of the cover in the same area as the rub marks were on the inside. Took the entire clutch out and although the plates and fibers were pretty black everything else appeared okay. Installed it back together and replaced the Boyesen cover with the stock clutch cover, replenished the fluids and fired it up. Still getting the same knocking (tapping) noise from the clutch cover. Hoping it is not the crank bearing that is going ? Would appreciate any thoughts on what else could be wrong ?




hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sounds like you have a bad crank bearing that's allowing the clutch to not line up the way it should which is causing the rubbing on the clutch cover.

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