KTM 250sxf having some issues

I recently put a top end in my sxf, consisting of a new high compression piston, new valve seals, valve keepers, and a new aftermarket intake cam. I also had to replace the decompression parts on the exhaust cam due to some carnage it suffered.

My problem is the bike wont kick start at all if it hasnt been started that day already. If you push start it, it will fire right up and run and idle fine. After it has been run, the only way to kick start it is to turn the fuel off and sometimes pull the hot start and if youre lucky itll fire up. Any ideas or helpfull tips would be much appreciated.

did you check the valve clearances?

Checked them and they were in spec when i put it all back together...have put about 3 hours on it since rebuild, but I will check them again. I was wondering if maybe anyone has had to replace the decompression stuff on their bikes before...to make sure I did it right. Could it be a jetting problem?? Im kind of lost at this point havent had a problem like this before.

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