426f question

I just bought a 2000 yz426f. I remember seeing on here somewhere a thread for putting the 426f engine in an aluminum frame a long time ago. Does anyone know if this thread still exists ? I have searched everywhere but can not find it. I have my bike stripped down and want to buy an aluminum frame on fleabay. Thanks.

It's a lot of work, and you'd need to use a wet sump kit for the engine (which I adamantly recommend against doing) or build an external oil tank, just for starters. You can save as much weight by using a frame from an '03-'05 YZ450 and have fewer problems to work out.

I didnt know that would work. That sounds good. This is my first 4stroke and got a really good deal on it but it needs work. Engine runs really strong and transmission shifts really smooth. I will look into the 450 frames and see what I can find. Thanks.

but it needs work. Engine runs really strong and transmission shifts really smooth..

how much work could it need?

On the bottom of the engine the oil drain plug is cracked and has been jb welded. The rear shock is shot and leaking oil everywhere. The front forks are for a 250lbs rider I think because they are really stiff. the rear wheel spokes are all loose and the wheel wobles. Thats really about it. I am thinking of getting a set of good used cases from ebay and fixing the cracked plug issue. I am going to get the rear shock redone. The front forks I can do here. As for the wheels, I will probably get new ones. I will post some pics of the cracked part of the engine.

Here is a pic of the cracked case that has been jb welded.


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