1981 XT250 Yamaha

could someone please tell me the adjustment for timing chain, for XT250 Yamaha ? thanks

Easy. The big thing on the back of the engine with the hex head on the end of it covers the cam chain tensioner. You will note there is also a locknut inboard at the back of the engine. Remove the outer part with the hex on the end. Note there is an inner part that is externally threaded, with a small diameter rod in the center. The end of the rod should be flush with the end of the threaded part. Loosen the large locknut, turn the threaded part in or out until the center is flush, lock the locknut, reinstall the outer cover. Voila, you're done.

Happy trails

i just got bike and i have put a lot of time into it , I managed to get it going and it ran so so, but it sounded like the top end was completely wore out. I new the timing chain adj. was simple, but did not know how to do it! I did it as you said and now all i can hear is the valves tapping just a little bit, because they are adj to the loose side. I hope this helps the way it runs ,as much as it did for the way it sounds. Really appreciate your time and help!!

You're welcome. In a week or so, after it cools off all night, check the valves again. They close up with use, not get sloppier, so don't set them tight. Keep track of the cam chain. If it gets sloppy again, replace it. You can adjust it while the engine is idling, by the way. You'll get a drip or two of oil, but it doesn't matter. Be sure to get the lock nut nice and snug...not mile-tons, but tight.

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