Broken Chain-Now it wont shift

Out riding today and my drive chain broke. The chain then jammed up just below the front sproket by the shift lever and swing arm. Had to mess with the shift lever to get it into nuetral and get the chain un-stuck. Repaired the chain and fired the bike up went to shift into first and nothing happend. Tried shifting to second but it just made a light grinding sound. Messed with shifter then got it into gear but now its stuck in gear and its atleast second or third that its stuck in. Any ideas on what the culprit may be? Split the cases or maybe lucky enough to be a problem on the right side. My guess is something happened when it locked up from the chain. Looks like chain may have caused the shift lever to go down when it wadded up. Like stepping on the shift lever while you are just riding along. Any help would be appreciated.


Pull the right case cover and check the shifter arm that rotates the shift drum. Something got bent.

You'll have to pull the clutch basket and all that to get to what you need to see. At that point you should be able to pull the shifter shaft out and check it for straightness too. There is a segment in the shaft that allows it to bend and not break a whole bunch of crap so that may be limiting the movement of the shaft too.


Id be checking part #14, 11, 12 and 18 for straightness and obvious damage. One thing that could have happened and not show would be to shear off that pin #29 that stakes the ratchet detent to the actual shift drum itself. Its hard to imaging the aluminum shifter and all the stamped metal pieces could transfer enough force to do that, but its not impossible either I don't think.

If all that stuff is ok, youre going to be left with bent shift fork Id imagine. Then ya gotta split the cases.

Thanks, I'm heading out to tear into it in just a little bit. We just got home and unloaded the bikes and are cooling off. Keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Thanks a million for the info and pics.. I am a decent wrench but am just now back into dirt bikes after a 20 year break in action and dont know about tearing much farther into it than the clutch side. My 10 year old son is my motivator now.


Appears that it is the arm attached to the shifter shaft has cracked. does the shifter shaft just pull out after you pull the clutch basket and all out? Got it appart that far but the shaft doesnt want to pull out. I removed the shifter lever and tried to pull it out the right side.

Shaft is probably bent. Does it move in and out at all?

The shaft end runs on the outside case, so if you've got it all clear and there's nothing preventing the arm on the shaft from hanging up, should pull out of there. Ive had to drive them out of the cases because they were bent. Ive been able to straighten them after, but if the arm is cracked there's no point in that unless you wanted to fix it and put it back. If you can bend it back into shape and have the crack welded and refinished you may save some dough. Prolly easier to just buy a new one if you've got the budget tho.

Replace the seal on the shifter side. It'll be damaged more than likely when you drive the shifter shaft out of the cases.

Just make sure that the arm isn't running into anything.

While youre in there, Id rotate the shift drum by hand and rock the bike/tire back and fourth to see if the drum turns and the trans shifts positions. It should move pretty easy.

hello friends, new to this site was gifted a klr 650 2002. has some electric gremlins. dash light flicker, engine surges up and down. loses power and comes back. idles fine any ideas on where to start??? thanks

Got the shaft out. Had to tap it through from the left side. Once I tapped it flush from the left side I was able to get a grip on it and work it out. It was bent also as well as the arm being cracked. It actually broke the rest of the way off while I was trying to get it pulled out. Now its off to the dealer to see how much a new one is and get some gaskets and seals. Might as well get the service manual and make sure it all goes back together right and torqued to spec. Its an 07 450r with very few hours. Dont know why the chain broke but I might get a new one of those also.

Anyone have any good place to get parts other than the dealer?


Im with Camp on this one. The online dealers are way way better for pricing than walking into the stealership and getting raped in the face for whatever they think you're willing to pay.

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