ABC MX Coverage

Just watched the Mt Morris race on ABC. Great opening video/music. Baily did a good job, but who was that other clown?

Steve , where do you live? because it wasn't on at my house! FORMULA 1 INSTEAD. I'M PISSED!

I think the other announcers name was Gannon, maybe Terry Gannon??? Anyway, I loved the cable cam ABC set up and the other interesting camera angles. I thought they did a really good job covering the track but of course way too many commercials. I kept reaching for my VCR remote to fast forward thru the ads but then I would remember I was watching the actual broadcast. I'm in Phoenix BTW.

No coverage of the Mt. Morris race by ABC in Murrieta, California either.

Not on ABC in Oregon (bummer)

On in Denver at 1 PM local time.


Just discovered that in my area, the Mt Morris race will be shown on June 4 (Monday)at 1:30 a.m. For anyone else who happened to be in an area where the race got bumped, check out for when it may have been rescheduled in your zip code.

I havn't been able to find out yet whether it was my local cable programming company (ATT Broadband) or ABC that rescheduled it.


I threw a tape in the VCR and went riding. I came home to find that I taped a indy car race. I was pissed so I sent an email to ABC to let them know what I thought of thier programing. Their email is at:

In Texas the Indy Race came on after Mount Morris. You sure you got the right time?



ABC's coverage was awesome. The camera's on the cables above the track -- absolutely covered the event better than any Televised MX I have ever seen. You guys that missed it, make sure to tape the replay - I was only sorry that they didn't cover the 125's....ESPN2 should take note on how to cover a outdoor MX & keep the audience focused on the action.....Did Ferry end up starting last in the 2nd moto to come up to 5th? So much for the Hughes on the 450 & Dowdy on the 520.......

The race was on in Northern CA, I have a dish though, but I am surprised to hear how many people thought the coverage was good. The cable cam had good angles but it was a little too far away and the programming made the sport seem boring. Most of the racing was cut. I think they may have shown 10 min of each 30 min moto. One problem with the cable cam was that it made the track look smooth.

I have been a Bailey fan for a long time and he usually has excellent commentary but he made a comment about changes to the track at the beginning of the broadcast that did not seem very smart. I think he said the only change to the track was to cut down a bunch of trees so the spectators could see better. Not that it makes much difference in western PA but to some tree hugger watching tv on Sunday afternoon......

Even though I think it could have been much better I am very happy to see our sport broadcast on network tv.



I live in the Northwest of the Northwest. ( north of Seattle, WA)

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