Oil drain thread repair

Ok, when I got my DR650 back in April one of the first things I did was to change the oil, only to find that the previous someone had gone a bit overboard in torque on the drain screw. :thumbsup:

I've installed a magnetic drain screw from the guys at ProCycle, I found threads on the old drain screw when I took it out. So now I also have a drain screw that is not sealing correctly, slow drip (yes, I've tried the usual thread sealers).

I want to repair the threads on my next oil change and want to know what is better:

Helicoil vs. Time-Sert ?????

I know the thread is M14 x 1.25 but has anyone made this repair - what height insert did you use??

Thanks!! :ride:

I've used Helicoils a few times and they worked good but I don't think they work good for things that will be removed and retorqued regularly. I would tap it out to the next size oil drain plug. Then you know it will work. You can also get a oversize plug they come in single, double an triple and don't require tapping out the hole. They work good as long as you don't over tighten them.

Some Time-sert`s have a flange, so if you fit one of these and use loctite to hold it in the engine case, your new drain plug will seal on the flange of the Time-sert. These are by far the best option, IMHO.

I'm going to go with bob on this one. I had the same thing happen on a quad I bought and ended up tapping it out to the next size bolt.

It's not as big of a deal as you'd think. It helps if you put grease on the tap to collect as many metal shavings as you can. Once you're done, run a few quarts of oil (I used old oil from a previous oil change) through the crankcase to flush out the old shavings.

I had this happen as well watch for the screen above to drain hole when re tapping. you could punch a hole in it ask me how I know:bonk:

Heh...reminds me of one of the first times ever riding. Oil bolt fell out on the trail.

First pic is of the temporary out bolt. :ride:

Didn't have another bolt close to the correct size at the campground. Did have a tap kit though. :thumbsup: So the second pic is what we tapped the case to have fit.



...That's freakin genius! It's simple s#!t like that chunk of wood, that I never seem to think of...:ride: ...And then I didn't even notice the spark plug until after I posted this...that's just the cat's bum right there...love it!:thumbsup:

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I know the thread is M14 x 1.25 but has anyone made this repair - what height insert did you use??

In case you're still wondering, Time Sert makes drain plug repair kits. The inserts are 9mm high. I just installed one in a KX500 engine and the insert was still about 1-2mm too high.

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