FMF Q4 Stealth slip-on silencer on CR125?

I have a 00' CR125 and i was wondering if the FMF Q4 Stealth silencer would fit/work on my bike.(i have the FMF Gold Series Fatty pipe) On FMF's web site its says that they only have/make that slip-on for the CR250... Does anyone have any experences with this or any sugestions on what i should do or ask, and does it really matter if it is on a 125? Thx for your time and plz comment and help me.

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spelling error

won't fit. inlet pipes are of different diameter unless you fabbed an adapter.

Isn't the Q4 a four stroke muffler only?

If you are talking Q2 in addition to the inlet being too big the mounts will probably not line up.

I'm guessing you're after quiet but with good power check out the FMF Turbine Core. A friend of the family's who desert rides on a CR125 has that and is very pleased.

If you don't have the money for a new silencer be sure to throw some packing into your can. Two strokes are much easier on packing and the quality of the packing isn't nearly as important as what it is on a four stroke.

Good luck.

They have a q4silencer for two strokes. But thx for the info!

They have a q4silencer for two strokes. But thx for the info!

It's called the Q-stealth but only available for 250cc bikes.

They only make the Q-stealth for '02 - '07 CR250R. Too bad since I'd like one for my '00 CR250R.

They do make one called The "Q" that will fit your '00 CR125R, which is almost as quiet.


Thanks for your help everyone!!

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