Finally got my bike !

So, I finally got my first bike !

I was looking for a road legal MX bike

I was very hesitant between CR 250s and YZ 250s, then between YZ 250 and RMZ 250.

Was going to get a RMZ 250 BUT it has been sold few days before I called the guy...

THEN I came on a killer deal on a 08 CRF 450R with supermoto tires kit and a massive 320 mm 4 piston caliper front brake + the stock MX tires and rims.

I wasn't looking for a 450 (too much power for a first bike maybe) but didn't resist.

The bike was like new, only 20 hours on it maybe, and it has never been riden offroad !

Here are few pics when I got it:




Then I changed the front fender and the rear tail light assembly, this is the only pic I have, just look the bike ! I was trying to be a badass with the rockstar casual lol :thumbsup:


I've now mounted the mx tires but did'nt take pics yet.

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looks good

That thing looks sick man!

U need to re route your front brake line man. To the inside of the Left fork

U need to re route your front brake line man. To the inside of the Left fork

Don't think you can with oversized rotor and the wide tire.

Looks very MEAN,nice find.:thumbsup:

Nice bike bro. You on

Thanks everyone !!

No you can't route the brake line on the inside with the SM tires and oversize disc.

I've now put a stock caliper on to fit the stock disc of the MX rim and routed the line on the inside.

When I first tried the bike, I was like wow, I want more power on my 700cc quad, and I'm afraid of the power of this bike lol

Nice bike bro. You on

Yeah bro I'm on there :thumbsup:

Thought that was you! Its amazing the power difference. Bikes are definitely more of a challenge. Congrats on the bike. Be safe and have fun! I sold my rappy so I would have to ride my new bike. Quad made me lazy!

sweet bike!!

Wow, that looks like it just came off the show room floor, great looking bike, congrats.

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