cyclerack install...tw200

Received my cyclerack rack for the tw.Damn,this is quite a difficult piece to install,need to be an octopi:banghead:.The angles of the rack versus the bolt on locations of the bike are quite "tight"?. Is it just me or has anyone else had this issue....any suggestions?....I'm aware of ,"hang in there",grip is already tired of this!.:thumbsup:

Yep. The rack for my 2007 had holes that didn't line up. Attach the rack using the two lower holes 1st but don't tighten then try to attach the two top holes. If able to get the top bolts in then tighten all the bolts. One of my top bolts broke off a few years after install and I ended up drilling out for larger sized bolts. Capt D.

Contacted Don of cycleracks a few days ago and explained my delima.Don was perplexed,then,while over the phone fitted a tw rack to a tw in his shop.Don then sent me the rack he fitted to the aforementioned fit my tw without issue!;will be sending the initial rack back to Don per our agreement(if the new one fit correctly,and, no doubt if the second one didn't fit either).The rest of the manufacturing industry of this country should take note of this practice by cycleracks!!!!!....they really care about their product and evenmore about their customers!!!!.:smirk::(:p

Cycleracks is a 10 to deal with...amazing customer service and a great product...had to muscle mine into place too but it adds to the strength.

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