ktm resale value

i have been looking at getting a newer ktm and was wondering how much they drop there value right away after you buy a new one from a dealer?

Im really thinking i want to get a bike that is used but with low hours, without the 7 grand price tag.

I found these but the prices seem way to high to me!

Whats a good way to offer a lower price that might make them sell it? anyway to go about it ?or is it just luck?



the one in pittsburgh i would have to call and just offer a price . the other one i could go see it and offer a price because its closer.

Also how accurate is the kbb on the resale prices?

Both are high priced. If you search around you can find better prices on new non current bike at dealerships. There is a blinged out 2009 200 XC-W at KTM Country in Eugene OR, they are asking $4900. I would think $4500 takes it home.


i sold my 09 for 3500. Had 108hrs on it.

I'm also in OH...looking at the new 250sx...there is a like new 2010 250sx for sale on cycle trader for like 5100...maybe if you have cash they would go down...its dealer owned....but in my opinion anything over $4000 I might as well throw the extra 2 or 3 grand in and buy something that has never even had someone sit on it.

yeah i just dont want a sx

Don't be afraid to look outside driving distance. I had my bike shipped to me from RI. Got a great deal I thought, not much more than I sold my 05 for. Look through the ads below. I would stay in the 08-09 range if you really want to save some coin. I have found that if I stay about 3 years back of current or so, I can have a new bike about every 3 years for not much more than I bought for prior.

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