☆☆★★★80' Natural-ish Table Top★★★☆☆

I was riding the area around my house yesterday and decided to check out the nearby construction area. I saw what appeared to be an almost perfect formation for a jump and it immediately got me excited. I probably jumped it 30 times yesterday and it was nearly perfect. I brought a tape measure out and it is exactly 75' from the takeoff lip to the landing lip. It is 80' to where the back tire was landing on the downslope.

Part I:

Today we brought a 5 gallon jug of water and quickly found out it wasn't enough, so I grabbed a larger bucket and we created a lip extension to get more air. I'll have air pictures in the next update.

A few pictures with the truck to give some scale to the jump.













Lip completed


Part II:

The location is Santa Fe and the lip was completely built out of mud that we let dry for a few hours. It held up to about 50 jumps and is still there. I wish it was wider so I could lean more on the face but with the single track it was sketchy. I have more pics but I'm being pestered right now to dinner.



Karate Kick!!!







Edited by Jarrett H

where in New Mexico is this at?????

Impressive. Nice truck too.

Your gonna blow that lip out quick

Nice find!

awesome jump man

Man how cool is it to find a ready made jump that just needs some minor work to be really fun. I miss living in the desert.

Good for you , nothing like hitting a jump you just put some elbow grease into.

Your gonna blow that lip out quick

thats what she said

I get a kick out of having to drag your own water along to make a jump!!

life in the dez!!!

Nice jump man. What gear are you hitting that in?

You could have done it 3rd pinned, but it was safer to do a mid throttle 4th. The dirt leading up to it was very sooty almost like sand.

lol at the chevy water truck!! That right there is some engenuity, nice jump!

Haha^^^ the funny part is we actually made two trips with that 5 gallon jug and then realized we had these 90 gallon rain collectors around the house that had hoses attached!

Rode the jump again today and had a couple flat bottom landings trying to get more air.:thumbsup:

Use the truck to pack the lip................

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