Fork recommendations for KDX

I just got back from buying a 2002 KDX 200 to use later in the fall for harescrambles.

I'd like to put some TC forks on the front. Thinking that if I stick with Kawasaki it will make the swap easier, are there any years of the KX250F, KX450F or KX 250 TC forks that are better than others? Or are there ones that are easier to turn into a set of woods friendly forks?


make sure you measure the fork length of what you've got vs. what you intend to put in there. also, you'll have to use your stock stem with the new triple trees to get them to fit. check the brake caliper, front axle, and wheel alignment. it may be an expensive undertaking to do it correctly. and, you'll still be dealing with the rear end. and bike ergos.

save some cash and shoe-horn the kdx motor into a late model kx250f. it'll rip the hell out of any ktm 200.

KX250F requires steering stop modification on the clamps and/or frame, due to the stops being backward on the lower clamp for the aluminum frame.

Think of it as a front end swap and not a fork swap (plus the steering stem swap).

The upper triple clamps or fork tube will hit the fuel tank if you turn the handlebars all the way left or right. Sit on the bike, then look down at the amount of space between the current forks/triple clamps and fuel tank. Larger tubes and clamps take up a larger amount of space.

I'm back after a few weeks and I've got two complete front ends to choose from. One is an '05 KX 125 and the other is an '07 KX450f. The KX front end is cheaper.

I know the TC forks are the latest and greatest, but do they offer enough of an advantage in the woods over the closed cartridge forks?


Do you mean advantage over open bath forks?

Do you mean advantage over open bath forks?

Yes. I'm off on my terminology.

The KX125 forks are commonly put on the KDX. It is a very nice improvement.

It is best if you can get the ENTIRE front end - wheel, caliper, triple trees, fender, axle, everything. All you'll have to swap is the steering stem and clean up some details.

The stock KDX forks can be pretty good with the right springs and fresh oil. The KX forks are a lot better.

It is hard to guess without seeing each and aprice, but going with either can be a great step forward. Just try to get the whole front end.

If you run into any snags all the info you could ever need on doing a swap is right here

I'm currently running '07 KX450 forks on my KDX

I had a custom axle made and was able to reuse the KDX wheel and keep the odometer


Besides what was already noted, you'll have issues with the brake line/fork guard. The newer bikes use CR-style routed line and different fork guards. You should look for TC forks ideally. Ebay is flooded with 06-07 KX250F parts. You can get some TC Showas cheap.

No issues if he uses the twin chamber's

Wibby - I found your kx450f install thread on kdxrider. I may have missed it in those 6 or 7 pages, but could you list the valve stacks and any other modifications you did to those forks?

Both sets of forks are complete front ends and both are in really good shape. So it really comes down to what are the best set of forks.

I'm leaning towards the kx450f forks since they are newer and should have a better design over the open bath forks.

Mostly they are stock. The original owner removed 7 of the 32's

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