Larger XR200R fuel tank?

having a 83 XR200R and doing a lot of long distance riding i have come to learn that a 2 gallon fuel tank is not quite adequate for me. what larger tanks would fit this bike?

I have a Clarke 11365 on my '83 R model. 2.75 gallons. Don't know of anything bigger that fits but maybe someone has managed something else.


Cheap tank for extended range: bungee tie a 1 gallon plastic jug to the front forks and run a siphon hose to the vent on the main cap. The fuel will automatically siphon into the main tank as you ride. The front fender can support the weight. This is an easy solution that I use for those long rides without the hassle of having a larger wider main tank.

Trials riders use aftermarket tank kits that attach to the front forks but they only hold 1-2 liters. One of these from Lewisport is only 1100cc but 2 liter versions are available from others.


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