Forks Sticking

I just replaced my fork seals on my 2008 450xcf 48mm forks with moose racing fork seals. Got it all together and noticed that when I compress the forks with the front brake, the forks go down and just stick like I have them locked in with a holeshot kit. I does this but sometimes it won't stick. I put everything back in the same way it came out. I went on a ride yesterday, hit jumps and the forks seemed to be fine, no sticking. I also noticed something weird when I pulled apart the forks. The left side contained no plastic shims while the right side fork ( non disc side) had two plastic shims on top of the spring and one below on the valve side. Seems a little odd to me, what do you guys think?

the sticking can be due to binding due to triple clamps too tight or the front wheel not aligned properly when you tightened it all up. Either can do what you describe. Your fork action wil lbe better if you get it right. The shim thing means to me that someone had them apart before, no reason i know of to do it differently from one side to the next. Voodoo maybe.

Loosen the non disc side axle clamp. Compress the forks and bang them about a little so they find their own position. Tighten clamp.

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