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03 rm250

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Yes, the jetting is a nightmare, been wrestling with it since new. I had it pretty well figured out but perhaps now I'm looking at a new problem?

I ride woods and have all new lower-end, top-end and replated cylinder.

When cold she starts, but takes a ton of kicks when hot.

Inconsistent idle (slows down as it sits, then stalls.)

Idles real fast after coming out of real tight, technical woods.

When connecting trails with gravel and blacktop it runs fine when 0-1/2 throttle, falls on face up to 3/4 throttle, rips when on the main.

I'm running a JD Jetting kit per instructions (0-3000 ft)

All jets are clean, float height is correct.

V-Force reeds are tight and not chipped/frayed.

Silencer is freshly packed.

Stock plug w/ correct gap.

This inconsistent idle thing does not mix well with the Rekluse EXP clutch.

And man I kick forever when it's hot.

I'm guessing it's not a jetting issue since this just recently started.


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I'm either dumb, blind, or both. This going-on-53-year-old needs his reading glasses more often.... Carbon fiber reeds had the tinyest bit of fraying at the corners.:smirk:

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Have you changed to the #7 slide?

Key to jetting an 03.

My 03 is jetted as follows for 1500- 4000' with V force reeds and a Gnarly pipe, PC 304 silencer.

42 pilot

stock needle 2nd clip

#7 slide

168 main

2/3 91 pump premium to 1/3 Avgas with 33:1 premix

Runs crisp and strong all around and starts first to second kick hot or cold. No spooge as long as I'm not running a spark arrestor (PC 296)

I ride/ race alot of woods with a little MX thrown in.

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