looking for a sportquad

im looking for a 450 and up ... and i have a budget of around 3000 what would you suggest ?

How and where you want to ride it???

Of the 450's, I like the Honda for fast open terrain, and the Yamaha for the track and play riding. None of the 450's make ideal trail quads, because they like to be ridden reved out so you have to do a lot of annoying clutch slipping in the slow technical stuff.

Never ever liked the ergonomics of the Yamaha 700, and the Honda 700 is a sad joke.

Don't overlook the 400 class. These are the great 'trail' quads. They (Honda and Suzuki) are both bulletproof and will run forever with just basic maintenance. A used 400EX would be well within your budget, and the best value for your money!

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