Fork oil level

I bought a 06 YZ250 and was replacing the fork springs with the correct rate for my weight. I disassembled the fork and dumped the oil out to measure it and it was 100cc. I thought it was low so I did the other one and it was the same. The previous owner said it was done by race tech. The shop manual says the oil should be around 300cc in the outer chamber. What should it be? 100 sounds real low to me.

From My 06 manual, hope this helps.

Standard oil amount:

340 cm3(12.0 Imp oz, 11.5 US oz)

*345 cm3(12.1 Imp oz, 11.7 US oz)

Extent of adjustment:

300~380 cm3 (10.6~13.4 Imp oz,

10.1~12.8 US oz)

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