front brake rotor

hello everyone, was riding today and down a real rocky section lost my balance and my bike fell over.once I got it up and started riding I noticed front brake fading so I looked at it and noticed my rotor was a little bent from hitting a question is can I repair it or do I need a new one and are there good guards out there to help prevent this.

Thanks frank

2007 wr250f

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It's stainless steel, very hard. You might be able to straighten it with a hydraulic press and a lot of patience. What's happening is the wabble is pushing the pad further appart than normal, or you could have some damage to the caliper or master cylinder, or brake line. Inspection is in order. You can use dial indicator and get it close, but you may not get it perfect. Worth a try though.

On the trail I straightened best I could and the brake felt better. The front brake lever squeezed all the in on certain location.I also noticed rotor moving while squeezing the brake is tha normal?

Thanks frank

New rotors aren't that expensive. If you can't get it straight then look on eBay for a good deal. The rotor moves how? Some rotors "float" and have a little bit of movement

when I order new rotor, is there any protection that would help prevent side impact like this? all I see is the plastic full cover?


thanks I was looking at that. would that be better that Acerbis full cover one?


Mine was out a bit, I just took a 12in adjustable and straightend it out while its on the bike.

I just got it off the bike and it looked pretty bad so I just ordered new one. thanks for all the help


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