01 250 pipe.

Not liking the FMF Fatty on my 01. I am gonna go with my PC unless.... Anybody got a 01-02 Bills laying around???

Will trade or purchase if in good condition. The Fatty is like new with no dents(that I know of).

get the pro circuit platnuim...best pipe ever!

Bills or PC hands down over FMF.

PC platnum and PC works are the same tune, the only difference is the plating. I am gonna run the PC and see where I stand. I thought the FMF Fatty was ok with just a tad lost up top, but it sucks really bad at the track. Sorry for a post anothertime saying the FMF was an ok pipe.:thumbsup:

I got an 01 with an FMF fatty as well and I always thought my pipe sucked because it was dented real bad. I had a noleen pipe on my 98 rm and man that bike was a runner. no noleen for 01s I looked already.

Id like to see a comparison with a fatty and a pc platinum on an 01 motor.

I don't have a fatty, but I do have the FMF SST pipe and I also have the PC Platinum. Both are top end pipes and the PC out powers the SST like night and day. I have ran both pipe on the same bike.

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