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Stupid Rock!

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Today was beautiful here in Central PA! I got together with a few friends and hit the trails. On the way back one of the guys got tossed and was shaken up. I pulled his 450 EXC out of the woods and walked it to the bottom of the trail for him while he picked himself up and gathered his thoughts.

I then walked back to the where I had parked my 530 EXC and got on my way to meet him at the bottom. No more than 100 feet I washed out the front end at around 5 mph and laid myself and the bike down on its right side. The bike rested on the right grip and the foot peg. NO damage was done. But when the stinkin' grip hit the engine reved, I grabbed the clutch and rolled the throttle forward to stop all the noise. Cripes, I just saw two fawns and now they will never be found with that racket. I rode the bike back to the lot and loaded it up with no further incident.

My question is this....could the engine be starved of oil in a 3-5 second rev situation with the bike on its side? If so, what should be done? What should I look for? What will be the long term effects?


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