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!!!Got a Problem!!!

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ok so i have owned my bike for 3 yrs its a 2007 drz 400sm with 23,000 km.

its jetted with the 3x3 exhaust blah blah

now to the problem

only just all of a sudden when i start my bike it idles and as soon and u got to hit the trottle 7 times out of 10 it falls on its face and dies.

So i took the carb apart and looked and the idle and main jets and there perfect the holes are all clean, and same as the carb.

not ssure what else could be wrong thats why im turning to here???

any pointer will help?????

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more details please.

If you rev slowly what happens?

Does it start right back up?

How warmed up?

Choke. On? 1/2 on?

I suspect you have something plugged in the idle circuit (more than just the jet) or the warmer weather has affected how it runs because the setting is off. Since it 'suddenly happened' without you adjusting anything probably plugged.


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