Works connection hour meter, max rpm's

I have 2 hrs on my new crf250r, installed the Works Connection hour meter, what are you guys getting for the max rpm's reading after you shut off the bike, it flashes for 10 seconds, I am getting around 16,400 rpm, can this be right. just set the idles today at 2100rpms.


thats imposable. i think that meter has setings call works connection or read the directions

Read the instructions you need to change the sensitivity on the meter.I had the same problem and that fixed it for me.

^ thats what i was trying to say.

I know there is a sensitivity adjustment, I set it according to the instructions, will change it tomorrow Prompt....



PS what does this bike redline at

i get into the 13,000 on my kxf 250 and thats with a stage 1 cam

Getting back to my hour meter, I was saying it was reading too high of RPM on the hour meter when I shut off the bike, I changed the sensitivity to hi rather than lo and it is better i get a true reading 2 out of 5 times that I checked, wonder if I try 1 less wrap on the plug wire.


The red line should be around 13,400.Go to works connections web site it will show you how to set the tach for F.I. bikes.

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