number plate wear

ON my new 2011 Honda crf250R I noticed after 2hrs, I noticed on the number plate area of my right boot, it is starting to discolor , any ideas on what kind of self adhesive clear material to put in that area, is there something available in local stores, rather than ordering online.



Your best bet is to order number plate backgrounds, graphics, they will cover that area

Other than online, which I forgot about that part of your question, maybe thick packing tape

Just gets some clear vinyl and cut it to fit.

Just gets some clear vinyl and cut it to fit.

+1. If you find a vinyl graphics shop or one of the vinyl gravel guard installers (invisible bra is what it's called) they can cut you a piece of very durable thick clear vinyl to cover your plate.

A warning though, the vinyl will get beat by your boot as well and eventually you will have to replace it .

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