raising forks in clamps?

How far should I raise the forks up in the clamps? I ride mostly woods and tight trails. I have never felt very comfortable with the handling of the front end. Feels pushy, and a little tall. Softened up front using clickers, helped a little.

Is there any trick to doing this? I loosened all the pinch bolts, and can't seem to get the forks to want to move very well.

Thanks from a dummy.


Moved mine up about 1/2 inch. When the pinch bolts are loose a little twist with a screwdriver near the bolts will loosten it up. You need to spread the clamp a little.

I moved mine up 10mm (3/8") and it made a huge difference with the handling. I mostly did it because I'm vertically challenged but it turns a lot faster now with the forks raised. I do notice headshake at speed in the sand so it does suffer some in that area.

The other thing that I feel is a must for improved handling is getting a YZ seat/tank combo. I have a Clarke YZ tank and it made a ton of difference. The seat is probably 4" longer than the WR seat and moves you considerably forward on the bike.

raise forks 15mm is perfect and run 90 mm of rear sag. This set up changes the handling dramatically. :)

Thanks guys for the recommendations.

Any tricks for measuring sag by yourself without buying special tool?

Easiest way is to use the buddy system. Wife etc. It takes 2 people to do accurately without special sag tools.

Raised forks 1/2", I think that's about 12mm?

Wow, it took a lot more "mechanical advantage" than I would have thought to do this. One side just did not want to slide, even after completely removing all four bolts and spreading the clamps. But, got it done, didn't break anything.

Can't get to trails today, have to work on wife's car, but in the driveway and yard the turn-in feels quicker and lighter. Wanted to go fast and dig my own berm around the outside of the yard, but I don't think that would fly---if you know what I mean.

Can't wait to hit the trails tomorrow!

Your upper triple clamp may not be aligned with the bottom if your forks will not slide easily up and down with all four bolts loose and using a back and forth turning motion while sliding up. :)

Note that the forks are tapered. You should make sure that when you slide them up, you are still on the non-tapered section of the fork. Otherwise, you lose some of the clamping strenght.

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