Wheeler Pass closure?


Went up to ride Cold Creek for the first time this summer and about 1/2 mile form the parking area had to stop for a large orange net barrier stretched across the road. A sign next to it with a forest service emblem on it said the road to Wheeler Pass was closed. When I back tracked pas the parking area, I asked another rider if he was aware of this, and he said that he had ridden through there 3 weeks ago. Does anyone have any info on this?

Any update on this? I was going to try wheeler pass on Sunday. Can you point out on a map where the closure was? I was going to start in Pahrump and would hate to get all the way to cold creek to have to turn back.

I read this from another source:

"7/11/11: There is currently a landowner on the Cold Creek side that is not letting any through traffic on the trail going through her property. The Forest Service routed the road wrong several years ago. After talking with Josh in the Las Vegas office, he said that they are awaiting the environmental survey to re route the road around her property, which could take up to two years to fully have the road open again. Until then the trail from the summit to Cold Creek is closed."


Thanks for any information.

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