t fitting replacement

I have bought an 08, and it still has the plastic T fitting on it. What is recommended as a replacement now? I know a while back I bought one from azrob. Is there anything better, or that is recommended now?


I'm not sure about better but I replaced mine with one from ZipTy racing. I haven't had any issues since replacing it. I always keep an eye on my radiator fluid as well.

I got. The T silicone hoses of eBay

I replaced the fitting on my 06 with a copper "T". 3/4 on one end and 1/2 on the other and the side. Solder a short piece of 1/2 pipe into both 1/2 fittings. Fits on hoses, costs very little, and no leaks so far from running in my yard.

Or take the alloy part of a KX450.

I reead about this before i bought my 2011, i havent replaced it yet with 35 hrs and have had no dramas on it, and i have 2bar rad cap too and no dramas, so its not eccential

Untill it melts...:smirk:

Yup, better safe than sorry. The ZipTy aluminum T-fitting isn't expensive, fits great, is easy to install and it will never melt.

What else is there to know?

Which radiator cap is recommended for the 2011?

Any rad cap that has a higher opening pressure than the standard will be better, the standard cap can easily spit out coolant after idling the bike on the start gates for a minute or two, i replaced mine with a CV4 30PSI cap and have never needed to top up the coolant more than a few millimeters from the top !

Good $25 well spent

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