RM125 oil in coolant

I have a 2006 RM125 with oil in the coolant. I'm thinking a bad water pump seal. How hard is it to change this seal? Do I just drain the coolant, pull the water pump cover and replace the seal?


And the gasket.

I has the same issue when I bought a used 2007 RM...

I had a tough time just pulling the water pump cover off and replacing it that way... I can't honestly remember if u can do it that way...:thumbsup:

I wish I could remember but I am drawing a blank right now:banghead:

I think its much easier to just remove the clutch cases(outer/inner) to get to it. You may only be able to get to it from the backside but again I am drawing a blank:(

Just make sure to buy a inner clutch case gasket if it's needed...I tend to replace things when I get it apart for peace of mind:)

I may have a manual that I can send to u electronically for the 2006 RM125 only. I bought in while I was in a pickle but later purchased they paper manual for the 2007 RM125. Just pm me if you need it and I will see if I can send it to you tonight...

Good Luck!

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