Reinstalling throttle tube?

Well I've completely taken apart and replaced a broken 4th gear in an 02 crf450 but Im having a hell of a time reinstalling the throttle cables back into the throttle housing:bonk:. The bike has an aluminium throttle that seems to be in good shape but I noticed that one of the two holes is larger and everytime I install the cable it moves around and out of the hole. Does the stock throttle tube have two different sized holes? The cables seem to be fine its just I cant get past the first cable as it turns sideways in the housing. Am I missing something?

Heres a pic of the throttle tube.


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left out a pic

Once you figure the trick out its fairly easy. I can't remember what hole I place first but believe its the small hole. Also make sure that the white plastic guide is loose as it will make the job much easier. Then as you get both cable attached flip the cable into the white guide and bolt it on.

Not the best description but yes, that is the right throttle tube

Thanks for the tip, cant wait to ride the thing, never ridden a 4st before

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