Destroyed Stem - Replacement??

Terminal Fail. Today I go to re-grease the steering stem on the '07 Rmz450 and the stem was frozen to the top bearing like nothing I've ever seen. After a few hours of penetrate oil, torching, tapping, cussing, and hitting it with a wooden block/hammer to knock the lower clamp/stem out 2 hrs of sleep caught up to me and I nailed it with the 5lb hammer directly on the stem. I ruined the shaft where the upper clamp bolt threads on by distorting it, no thread repair kit is gonna fix this.

Looking to replace and all aftermarket set ups are $400+ for a whole upper/lower kit. OEM lower clamp/stem is $563. I'd rather not sit around forever to wait for a decent ebay/craigslist deal...anybody know where I can buy just the stem or at least what I need for under 200?

Thanks for any help.

Applied sells just the stem for most bikes, I bought one for my 250F last year for around $60.

Sweet deal, they got one with my name on it for $50...that's a relief. I'm gonna get a machine shop to try and press the original lower bearing off tomorrow since they were both in good shape just needed some grease.

Thanks for the tip -M

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