getting bike ready for show

I have allways wanted to have a bike or car in a show so I decided to take the SM a step above and enter it hear are some qwick pics I took before closing up shop for the day and oh the show is in jefferson wisconsin at the fair grounds this saturday the 16th . Every thing is poilished lots of work but I happy with the results






WOW!!!!!!!! thats should try and polish up that cotter pin to top the package off....great job, i hope you do well. its no doubt that it will turn heads

Very nice! :thumbsup::ride: If you lay a mirror behind the front wheel it'll light up the front and make that finish scream.

Very nice indeed, What product/process did you use?

And where did you get your brake lines ? braided/blue or are they just rubber?

read it as "getting bike ready for snow"

and wondering where is Trelleborg and all of it's studs?!


nice polishing,btw :thumbsup:

It's pure filth...good luck with the show bro.......:thumbsup:

that's some insane polishing.

how about a photo of the whole bike.

it looks great!

Great job, 2:thumbsup:

By all means lets see a full shot of your machine!

Good luck, the polishing looks great! Some pointers: You can change all the bolts to polished stainless allen button or socket head, allen bolts with billet aluminum washers on the plastic body panels, remove the balancing weights from he rims and color coordinate all the hoses for some extra points.

Looking bright! Good luck!

thanks for the complaments and pointers , I am going to add crome washers on the plastic this friday the hoses will have to what . I have white fork protecters coming and a red zeta cable holder should be hear friday

hear some pics of the whole bike , thanks againe



p.s my spelling is not great but I am working on it !!!

Looks pretty sharp!

I really like the look of the open concept.

The chrome plated frame with the red subframe looks bad ass:worthy:

p.s my spelling is not great but I am working on it !!!

Your spelling is fine. Bike looks sick great job!

Tight! What polish are you using? Iv had good luck with wenol.

SM nut....if you ever ride that garage queen, hit me up....I live in West bend and am down that way all the a matter of fact a bunch of us from ADV rider are meeting at The Beach House Madison, in Mcfarland next tuesday for a meet and greet if your not busy....details PM me

I know the effert that goes into the polising the alluminum. It must have been a long winter up in Wisconsin. Hope they have a peoples choice award. You have my vote. Your front wheel/brake set up is not only show ready, its eye candy to me. :thumbsup: Keep it on one wheel. Mitch! Well done.

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