Caltrans must be working trail 5 foresthill


Just did the connection from china wall to trail 6 today called 5-6 Havent ridden it since last fall. Looks like caltrans widened it into a freeway. Does the forest service need eis reports before completely changing the trail system? The trail is now 6 ft wide from china wall all the way to 6 and 8 inches of fresh talc powder. Over the years since living in this area ive seen each trail from 2,3,4 1 all get wider but since I dont usually ride those i thought i was imagining the area changing. But today it is for sure just a few weeks after something has creamed the entire 5-6 connector. FYI worked on 6 clearing logs and crap but it needs another 4-5 miles of work before its complete.

they Fhuck us at every turn, but don't dare ask to build a small replacement trail

the rules apply to us, not them, same in all big business

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