Getting back to stock..well sorta. hot seat question

I replaced the custom header the po built with a stock e header I got off ebay, and the oil return tank po had just connected the case and head, then I built temporary custom breather/return (again thanks ebay for actual oil return tank) now my seat feels like its on fire is this is this normal to feel so much heat right above the 3x3 hole or did I connect the wrong hose to the oil return tank, otherwise an update on my drz400s with bearing noise in the bottom end. 500 miles and counting 55mpg pulls hard past 80mph (well hard for a 400 4 stroke) and is a blast to ride.

not normal.

What fuel tank? Heat reflective tape on the bottom present? Exhaust leak?

No heat should come out of the 3x3 because the air is going in.

clarke tank heat tape where on seat?

There should be heat tape on the bottom of the tank if stock, and a good idea on an aftermarket tank too. Couple weeks ago there was a owner that was having issues if the bike sat in traffic and I believe it traced out to the tank getting too warm and the hot fuel not running well. He had an aftermarket tank without heat tape.

The seat should not need it, but if its an aftermarket tank hot air could be getting up an unusual place. I know if I ride wearing shorts there is a lot of heat on the right side of the bike. Has the seat been shaved? If it is hot air from the exhaust or the fan/rads it won't help the bike produce power so try to prevent it getting in under the seat.

no tape on bottom of tank, and last ride i did not notice anything strange maybe freak occurance, going to run it around then check with heat gun to see if tank ins getting hot. thanks for the suggestions.

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