2012 ktm 200xcw

Has anybody heard when the dealers will be getting the 2012 ktm 200??

2012's are already hitting the dealers, so I would expect them really any time. I haven't been looking for one though...

im sure they should be comin in anytime

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info.

not much help...:thumbsup:

stay in touch with your local dealer, or dealer of choice to find out when they will get one.

I talk to chip a few hours ago he said at least 30 days.

Does the 12 get new plastic and frame. If not the leftovers can be had cheap.

Yes the 2012 does get the new frame and plastic.

i was told early august at my dealer in ohio

i was told early august at my dealer in ohio

Yes, hopefully early August for the offroad models. The SXs are here now.

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