CRF450R road bike

I know race bikes are not meant to be a road bike.

I am curious though, making it a road bike means you will probably be holding down the throttle at a steady rate for long periods of time, will that overheat your motor, and/or do any other damage to it?

If you have any good knowledge about this kind of thing, it would be much appreciated what you could tell me.

Its a 2004 CRF450r if that makes any difference

Thanks a lot,


No, steady throttle will not cause your motor to overheat, the opposite actually. When riding fire-roads at a steady cruise of 35-40 mph, my coolant temperature will settle in at around 155-165*F, sometimes even a bit less. Tighter/slower trails it will float around 190-200*F.

The problem with road travel is the gearing of these bikes is not kind to the motor at higher sustained speeds. At 70 MPH, you'll be turning the engine very fast, around 9000 RPM. Really ~45-50 MPH is the max continuous speed I'd do on a 450 with stock gearing.

It'd do fine around town and cruising back roads. Don't even think about hitting any kind of highway without gearing the bike way up though.

Agree'd, it will run cool at those speeds. Prolly gonna have to drastically change the gearing (sprockets), or go with the wide ratio tranny gears, or both.

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