2011's any good?

Im looking at getting a 250F and WAS just going to get a leftover 2011 but it seems like every time i look on here there is something else going majorly wrong with the 2011, are these bikes just not worth a crap or am i just seeing all the bad stories and none of the good? Is it well worth it to wait on the 2012 and spend the extra$$?

the 11 is a great bike. The 12 will be far superior.

2011 is a great bike, but the 2012 is better. if you can get a good deal on a '11 its worth it, but if its about the same price as the '12 i would wait.:thumbsup:

I doubt that the price will be even close, but i have just heard so much about this low end trouble i was just wondering if everyone is having this prob at 40 hrs or if it just a hand full of people. I am pretty sure that the 2011 will be much cheaper unless i have that rod issue and i end up fixing stuff or worse fixing me, just trying to get a feel for the 11 from everyone who has one.

if you can do your own work and this rod is an issue and not just a select few you can allways just replace the crank during this winter..

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