1999 Cr 125 Clutch Lifter Sliding Out

I have a 1999 Cr 125 on a shifter kart, I am having a problem with the clutch Lifter/Linkage. After a few laps the lifter slides out and no longer allows me to engage the clutch, the engine still runs great with out any slipping problems. I believe this is because I am missing a "stop" from a picture I found it appears to be apart of the stator. I havent had a chance to look at mine but I believe I am missing it and i think this is what is causing it to slide out. Is this the function of it or do I have another problem.





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Yes, I believe the sole purpose of that "stop" is exactly to prevent your problem. There was a similar post to this a while back on a CR125 and he forgot to put that stop back on. As soon as he replaced it, problem solved! Good luck!

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