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01 200mxc high altitude jetting

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Preparing to take my 01 200 mxc to out around Taylor Park CO to ride for a week. Alt will vary from 7k to 12K. MY current jets are

175 main

NozG needle mid clip

45 pilot

900 ft alt currently

Bike seems to run ok, but does have a fair amount of spooge out the back.

I have searched until I am blue and looking for a good baseline to take it out there with. Looked here and on KTM talk. I have a lot of mains and pilots, but lacking in needles. I read the DDK is a good all around needle? Would that be good in Colorado as well? Looking at ordering some needles, but not sure what to get. I am not really interested in buying a JD kit, for already having a large investment in brass. Been riding fourstrokes for a long time and this is my first real dive into a 2-stroke.

This is what I am thinking so far-


42 pilot


Again thanks in advance on any steering one might have to get me rolling. :thumbsup:

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I feel that for high elev the most important jet is the pilot, it wont run or idle well with it too big up there, no snap off idle and will bog. With a too large main it just wont rev out well but cvan still run ok on bottom to mid which is where you are most of the time in the trees and rocks. So i would get the DDK cuz the stock is bad at any elev except for wide open running. With the straight taper needles you need to go up 1-2 sizes on the main over the stock needle-so you may be close with the existing main. Hopefully someone who rides up there will chime in on whats right. I ran the JD blue, 180-182 main, 45 pilot and just turned my AS to compensate for elev from 1500 to 8k.

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Thanks for the reply.

So maybe-

170-175 main

DDK needle- since this needle is a leaner than the stocker if I am understanding correctly?

and 38-42 pilots?

Once back home move up to a 180-182 main and 45 pilot at 900ft?

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