Stained white alpine stars

Just bought a used pair of alpine stars off my friend for 20 bucks but they are very stained. I pressure washed them and got some stains off but cant get the real old ones out. Do you guys know of any special products I can use to make my boots look nice and shiny?

Any de-greaser should work.

Just ride, they cost $20 for a reason!

What color are they? White I bet. In that case, go to any Wal Mart or K-Mart and get some white shoe polish. There's a liquid that comes with a applicator, then there's the type that looks kinda like a sharpie pen.

simple green

Just ride, they cost $20 for a reason!

You sir are very wise with advice like this!!:thumbsup:

Dirty boots = Lot's of seat time and who really worries about the whiteness of their moto-boots anyway?? I have white Alpinestar's and really like the mossy brown earth stained color they have become lol.

If you really want them all snow white again Simplegreen and a brush will usually do the trick.

i just use degreaser and i hard brisstled brush. i only really wash my boots when i dont plan to be riding for over a week, which is like never lol.

I don't clean my boots like i should but when I do I look for cracks, deep gouges, and any other factor that would deem the boots useless.

when i pressure wash my bikes at the carwash i do my white boots too!

Awsome , get it at any Dollar Store (it cost's $1.00 for a 20 oz spray bottle) , it is a degreaser , but cuts thru oil , grease , dried blood , the gray scuff that amuminum frame bikes leave on boots (mine are white so it shows up bad) , just spray it on and let it sit , or if you want instant removal , then spray it on and use a old tooth brush and scrub a little and rinse , it will come right off and the boots will look like new , it is all i use , i also use it to wash my bike (white plastic's shows every spec of dirt) , just dont let it dry or it will streak your aluminum frame , but rinse it off before it dries and it will clean it like new

Mr Clean Magic Eraser works well for me.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser works well for me.

Those things are amazing! You wouldn't think much of them, but use one on something you've already cleaned and see how much you really left behind after you squeeze out the thing....

i pressure wash my boots with simple green after every ride when i do my bike, and i also cake em in wd40, helps keep mud from sticking. i do the same for my bike

I use simple green on my alpines but I find that they aren't all what they are hyped up to be. Tech 10s just don't last long.... If you get the chance I'd pick up some sidi crossfires. :thumbsup:

The degreasers and like products work well, but can be harsh to leather- though not a big deal if your using it on old boots. Properly cleaned and maintained boots will last a long time, even staying bright white. My trick is to use Shout laundry stain remover on freshly soiled boots and a regular hose- no pressure washer. This keeps em clean and rather stiff (no too broken in) which is how I like them!!!

For a $20 pair, degreaser and PW is your best bet...

Those things are amazing! You wouldn't think much of them, but use one on something you've already cleaned and see how much you really left behind after you squeeze out the thing....

Very true. My wife ask me to pick up a box of Magic Eraser when I went to the hardware and I was like "what the hell is a magic eraser" but after watching her wash the white wall in our kitchen where our grimy little rug rats marked it up with crayon and dirty fingers I was like "damn, that really is magic" lol.

I was thinkin comet since that's what use on my white shoes, powder comet, butter bowl lid, little water and a tooth brush. I pressure my boots so simple green an that would be faster lol magic erasers are very magical thou!

Electric contact cleaner gets em nice and white again.

Oxy-Clean & a stiff brush.

If you just "pressure washed" them and didnt scrub thats a majority of your problem. You can try 3 things and they will all work pretty good, and maybe if you tried all three it would work better.

#1 try degreaser and a stiff bristle brusht

#2 Clorox clean-up spray. This stuff is amazing on ANY white shoes. Everyone always wants to know how I keep my white shoes so clean... well i just gave you my secret. Clorox cleanup and a stiff bristle brush will get it clean.

#3 Magic eraser. It works too but clorox cleanup works better.

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