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Helped a freind move and got some unexpected goodies.

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Helped the guy that I buy parts from move his motorcycle shop this weekend. I needed a replacement speedometer ( my big round one always says I'm pushing 80 at walking speed) so I thought I'd see if I could buy one off an old junker Yamaha he had sitting around while I was there helping. He asked what the bike was for and I said it was for my 81 XR200R. He said he had and XR sitting in his barn and that I could have the one off that bike for helping him out. As I walk out the door he mentions that i could just take the whole bike if I wanted, one less thing to move. I was expecting a picked over skeleton of a bike but what suprised to find a 87 XR200R that was complete except for a missing valve cam. Everything else was there. I also noticed it had a complete exhaust that was in good condition, (mines rotting and has a missing baffle) newish Dunlop D952 all terrain tires, lower case guard and a bunch of other usable nick nacks. I'll be stripping the bike down soon and move whatever parts that interchange that will improve my bike although I'm not sure yet what parts off an 87 are an improvement over and 81 though . The first thing I did when I got her home was move over the speedometer and decompression cable. Here's a shot of the speedometer on my bike. The one that Honda wants $300 for and it looks like it was made by Mattel. I thought of selling the tank and seat but I think that if they bolt right over I may just prefer the larger tank and more comfortable seat over the vintage look.


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