MTB help?

Does mountain biking help in moto? Ive heard some yes`s and some no`s, but cant decide to go through with it or do something else. Well, what im looking to do is, improve cardio, maybe loose like 10-15 pounds, make my legs stronger and smaller(idk how many times ive asked about, and, no homo, but make my ass smaller too :thumbsup: IMO it sounds like a mountain bike would do all this, but I wana see if im

I have been on my mountain bike a lot lately. It will definitely help your fitness. How much it helps depends on on your intensity. I have been wearing a heart monitor and have noticed that my recovering time has improved.

Riding a MTB can be really fun workout. Did a three hour single track ride last weekend and it was awesome.

Cant say it will make you ride your dirtbike better, but can't hurt.

MTB will help in moto, at least for being able to ride longer before tiring. Then you learn more about riding instead of just trying to hang on for a few hot laps. To work off fat, you need to keep your heart rate relatively low and that seems to be hard for me to do. I typically start out slow and after a bit my hr is 140ish and then I start feeling pretty good and try to see how long I can keep it between 155-160. Works great for cardio, doesn't work at all for fat consumption. For fat burning, I think around 115-125 is ideal for my age, I just can't seem to ride like that. Oh, get bike shorts with the padded fanny, your body will appreciate it.

If you want to ride asphalt with your MTB, get a set of spare rims and put smoothies for some decent speed - a 12yr old neighbor kicked my ass in a 10 mile sprint last night 'cause he had a road bike and my knobbies take at least 30% more effort to pedal around. Good luck.

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