Suggestion's for a bike PLEASE HELP!

okay so ive been riding for quite some time now, and im getting ready to go to the next level and start racing. i am 18 years old from PA and in the market to buy a new bike. I just today sold my 2004 crf250r because i want to upgrade to a newer bike. i would obviously like to stick to honda crf250r's but what year 's do you suggest.

basically im going to buy a new crf250r

-for racing

-no budget ill spend whatever i need to

whats the best bike for me!? any help would be very much appreciated im new to the forum in terms of posting but i have followed for a long time and the people on here are great! thanks in advance

I would wait till the 2012 250's come out unless you can get a swinging deal on a 2011 if there is any left.

I have a 2011 and love it. The power delivery is very smooth and mellowed out from the fuel injection(But it is still fast). I am 15 and small but I can throw it around in the air better than i could on my 150r.

ive heard a lot of mixed reviews about the 2011 in terms of bad in the corners and what not due to poor low end power would you say thats true? and i was kinda leaning towards buying a bike a couple years older so that the work was already done in terms of exhaust and suspension and whaty not.

Here is my other question when honda added the steering damper in 2008 did it really make much difference ive never ridden one with the steering damper. any helps appreciated you guys are great

ridden them all

they have their advantages and disadvantages

and honestly the 2011 honda is a good bike, but to make it a great bike you have to spend the dollars on the shocks and an exhaust and other little things...

in a short description

suzuki is a really good bike straight out of the create and with some small dollars spent on the suspension it will be fantastic

the other bikes all have their advantages but the suzuki just corners like nothing else.

try to get a ride on some bikes at your local tracks..

yeah i like the suzuki bikes ive ridden them before. but im really looking to stay with honda.

i know the 06 is notorious for valve problems but if i buy an 06 with fresh valves, pistons, rings, rods, cam all the good stuff, am i going to need to worry about my valves? or will they stay good for a bit on a freshly built motor

no matter what modern 4 stroke you have....eventually the valves will need adjusting.

ive seen crf 250r's due 40hrs before an adjustment, and i have seen 20 hours and a rebuild.

the big factor is dust, weather your riding behind someone on a track or trail with dust etc, not cleaning rides with dust etc.

although you dont wanna be spending money on rebuilds, when you can be spending the money on performance parts..

suzuki's issue is the gearbox....

so they all seem to have one thing or another...

but the suzuki seems to be a better ride.

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