ttr 600

I have a 2003 ttr 600 , just wondering were i can get a chain guide for it , after market?, cheers

TTR600 parts are pretty hard to come by as you may already know! If your local dealer hasnt got anything then try a wreckers. I know where one bike is in adelaide that is missing an exhaust and suspension and ignition (was a recovered stolen bike) but not sure if they are splitting it up yet! I think its an 03 model aswell. Where in Aus are you?

Yeah Adelaide

Try the wreckers on chapman road in hackham, the details are on yellowpages. They have a couple of TTRs there, but not sure if they have chin guides on. Mine doesnt, not sure what one would fit, but most of the rear swing arms on the WR, YZ etc are pretty similar, so try one out. My bike may end up there too, depending onhow much damage i did on the last ride, haven't got time tocheck it out yet!

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