[vid]Cannot get comfortable in the air

Video from this weekend, this is the first time I've hit this jump so that may be a little part of it. I've noticed that when I jump just after the take off I'm letting the bike go infront of me, then I pull myself to the bike before landing.. any idea why I'm doing this? I'm thinking I'm not gripping the bike with my legs enough(if at all- I get adrenaline tunnel vision).

I've been riding about 9 months, on the weekends.. and yes I have a jersey but it stunk like shit from sitting in my gear bag.. lol.

the best thing for stuff like this is seat time. The more time you have hitting different jumps the better and more comfortable you will get. Just keep working at it and youll get better. People can tell you stuff your doing wrong but it wont change until you get comfortable executing. Dont worry how you look just keep practicing and youll be whipping that bike around in no time.

The most important part of the jump is where the bike actually leaves the ground, where you have the compression and rebound part of the jump. What gives you control at this critical part of the jump is your body movements and throttle control. Along with this body movement and throttle control is timing. The timing is so critical that the body movement and throttle control has to be an automatic reflex reaction. This is why it takes so much time and practice to learn to jump well. Key into the compressing and rebound part of the jump, move your body back a little as the rear wheel kicks up and blip the throttle a little at the same time. This will cause the front wheel to stay level or come up a little. If the front wheel is too high don’t move back as much or give it as much throttle. If you want the front end lower it’s just the opposite; don’t blip the throttle as much and don’t move back as much. When you want to accelerate after the landing it’s best to land with the throttle on. I have 2 Technique DVDs that cover Jumping and Whoops. You can see a free video preview of these and many others at: www.gsmxs.com or you can visit www.mxraceschool.com for complete DVD downloads.

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